10 Keto Myths That Will RUIN Your Weight Loss

Published: 1 month ago

10 Keto Myths That Will RUIN Your Weight Loss

Many people care a lot about their physical appearance. Some also care about their health and good physical condition. Thus, once they start to be unsatisfied with what they see, diet is the first thing to out for. The popularity of the keto diet is constantly increasing. People get the results they want, and they continue practicing the same diet over and over again. But there are some things everyone believes in which are not entirely true. Here are 10 keto myths that will ruin your weight loss.

  1. Keto is the only diet that works

    Incorporating the keto diet will have a good impact on your health. However, it is not true that keto is the only diet that works. Every diet you decide upon will help you with a calorie deficit. Still, not all diets will suit everyone, nor will they help you create healthy habits.

    The main thing is to choose a diet that fits your needs and the goals you want to reach. And, if it is efficient, too, you got a jackpot.

    When it comes to keto, it proved as a pretty good choice when you want to lose fat and enjoy high-fat meals. Still, it also has to fit your regular exercise plan and routine.

  2. A woman is measuring her waist

    Choose a diet that suits you the best.

  3. The less you eat, the more you'll lose weight- one of the 10 keto myths that will ruin your weight loss

    People tend to eat less during stressful periods of their life, such as changing jobs, divorces, and relocations. However, one thing everyone forgets about is taking care of their health.

    During a stressful move, people do not have enough time to eat, so they lose weight quickly. Therefore, it is important to plan your meals and keep a strict eating schedule.

    That is a usual mistake that people make with all diets, too. Cutting calories will have a particular impact on losing weight. Still, that doesn't lead to creating healthy habits. Moreover, it will cause losing nutrients, vitamins, and minerals crucial for normal health conditions.

    For that reason, making minor cuts will help much more. If you are patient and determined, you will not only lose weight but maintain your muscle mass.

  4. It's not about calories. It's about carbs

    It is true that with the keto diet, you will restrict carbs. However, you should know that carbs are not the only culprit for your being overweight.

    The point of the keto diet is to eat better-quality fats. The decrease in carbs will consequently happen since you will take less junk food rich in carbs and calories.

    Still, although fewer carbs are desirable, that is not what makes the keto diet healthy. It is a relatively more significant amount of fibrous veggies and, of course, good fats.

  5. Cholesterol is bad per se

    When we take cholesterol, it breaks down, and our bodies use it for normal functioning. It doesn't mean that every time we eat some food that contains cholesterol, that will immediately cause an increase in our blood cholesterol. Moreover, you should ensure the cholesterol is controlled and monitored well. If you restrict it to an acceptable level, it will serve you only as fuel and won't be harmful.

  6. All fats are the same

    Keto is a high-fat diet. Therefore, if you are about to start keto, you should know that fats are not the same. What's more, it is the freedom that the keto diet gives you that should encourage you to be more careful with what kind of fats you are eating. Or, more importantly, what each of them will do to your body and your health.

  7. Hamburger and fries on a plate

    One of the the10 keto myths that will ruin your weight loss is the idea that you can eat all the fats you want.

  8. Saturated fats are bad

    Everything would be much easier if it were simple to mark certain kinds of food as harmful and unhealthy and others as perfectly good. But it is not.

    Saturated fats are not strictly bad. It is about consuming them in a controlled and well-planned way. What's more, the truth is that saturated fats are some of the best fuels for our bodies. They help us exercise better or endure some strenuous physical efforts easier.

    Therefore, even though we can say saturated fats are the least healthy of all fats, it is not entirely correct to exclude them from your menu. The best thing is to use them within safe limits, and the keto diet agrees.

  9. It's a high-protein diet

    Even though many would call keto a high-protein diet, the fact is that it restricts the protein intake to a certain amount. Since it is not a muscle-building diet, consuming high amounts of proteins has no practical effects in keto. Moreover, focusing on protein intake will result in your body using those proteins as fuel rather than fats.

  10. Keto diet ensures muscles and strength

    Keto diets are used for losing fats, as well as for working on your health. Those are diets that work on carb restriction. On the other hand, people who want to build muscles and strength should choose diets that do not restrict carbs. The keto diet is not a diet for professional athletes, jumpers, or sprinters. All of them need carbs for better and stronger results.

  11. In keto, you use clean food only

    Having a super clean diet sounds cool, but is it realistic? The hardest thing most people deal with during a diet is giving up on delicious food, which is usually unhealthy.

    The keto diet doesn't focus on not eating something but on controlling and moderating what we eat. It helps you lose weight without basically changing the diversity of your menu.

  12. Healthy food on a wooden plate.

    Keto diet is not about what but how much you eat.

  13. You can do nothing without exogenous ketones

    The consumption of keto products and additives is nothing like obligatory. Moreover, it is acceptable only if there is some problem, and it should be controlled by a professional.

    Otherwise, you won't get the desired effects, and you will harm your health. Therefore, do not experiment. Consider these 10 keto myths that will ruin your weight loss carefully, and don't make reckless mistakes.

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