4 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Meals With Keto Hub DMCC

Published: 2 years ago

4 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Meals With Keto Hub DMCC

You can easily order ready-made meals from food delivery apps or prepare your own meals in your kitchen so why bother subscribing to Keto Hub DMCC?


1.     Your time is precious; use it wisely for other important matters.

 Going through a diet requires (1) knowledge about your health and wellness including everything you put inside your body, (2) diligence and (3) discipline. Having a healthy mind and body should not be stressful so just leave this time-consuming part of the process to us! Instead of researching, counting macros, grocery-shopping and meal prepping, subscribing to Keto Hub DMCC meal plans will help you save time for other important matters such as working out, giving your mind and body a break and most importantly spending time with your friends and family.


2.     YOU choose your meals and we have a Ketogenic Living Coach to support you! 

We’re not like your usual meal providers. At Keto Hub DMCC, your needs and wants matter!

Through our customer form, we analyze and understand what your body needs and align it properly to your program in order to deliver the most suitable (and tasty) Keto meals for you.

Upon making a purchase, your plan will be tailored by our nutritionist expert as a Ketogenic living coach, who will set your macros and customize your program to help you reach your goals. We will keep customizing your macros as needed throughout your journey with us.


3.     No more skipping meals and impulsive decisions.

 “Oh wait, what’s for lunch?”

“Snap, I woke up late and I don’t have time to make breakfast anymore!” 

You can’t deny it. Once or twice, we’re all guilty of forgetting to prepare our meals beforehand and ending up getting either substandard or expensive meals just to make it through. This affects not only your meal budget but also your Keto diet since what you will be consuming might not be the best at the moment.

With Keto Hub DMCC, your daily meals are pre-planned and scheduled to be delivered to you at your convenience. Complete with breakfast, lunch and dinner, our meal plans are all set to power you through the day, so you don’t have to worry about your daily meals anymore. Just make sure to consume it in time. _wink_


4.     We have the widest variety of Keto meals in the country! 

Oh no, Keto waffles…again? Not with Keto Hub DMCC! No more repeating the same food when you have 180 meals to choose from.

Unlike anyone has ever encountered before, we are proud to claim that Keto Hub DMCC is the only meal plan provider in the UAE to offer this WIDE variety of completely Keto meals!

We understand the struggle of going through a diet program and limiting your meal choices but with over 180 Keto recipes to choose from, we at Keto Hub DMCC can assure that we don’t deliver nor repeat the same recipe if you prefer not to. 


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