5 Fun Keto Facts: Surprising Things About Going Keto!

Published: 1 year ago

5 Fun Keto Facts: Surprising Things About Going Keto!

Ketogenic diets, aka keto, are often known by people as a low-carb, high-protein and fat diet that’s supposed to help you lose weight. But there’s more than meets the eye to this different way of eating!

Keep reading to learn five fun facts and incredible info about keto’s history and benefits. Who knows? You may want to try this life-changing diet for yourself!

  1. You Can Eat Fruit On The Keto Diet

    One of the biggest misconceptions about keto is that you’re wholly dependent on animal products for nutrition – and have to stay away from fresh, fruity goodness!

    This isn’t the case at all. Keto dieters can enjoy delicious berries, avocado, and other fruits as long as they aren’t high in fructose (aka natural sugar in fruit) and carbs. So snack away on that handful of blueberries – it’s keto-friendly!

  2. Fats Are Not Created Equal

    Many people look askance at keto because they think it gives dieters a free pass to eat all kinds of fats that will endanger their heart health in the long run. Not so!

    Keto diets warn of going with “dirty keto”, which refers to indulging in heavily processed foods as long as they meet the carb, fat, and protein requirements. A healthy keto diet will steer clear of trans fats, which are frequently found in fast food and many ready-baked goods.

  3. Keto Can Improve Focus And Brainpower

    Much is said about the weight loss benefits, but keto can also improve your mental clarity and focus! Many keto dieters report enhanced concentration and improved cognitive processing. Keto is also being studied for its ability to prevent neurological conditions like dementia and epilepsy, so it’s a great option for those making lifestyle changes for their long-term mental wellbeing!

  4. Keto Can Actually Be Good For Your Heart

    Because of the fat and protein that comprise a keto diet, naysayers claim it’s bad for your heart. But it all comes down to your choice of food, because keto reduces inflammation in your body. Reducing inflammation is key to preventing cardiovascular disease.

    The real culprit is when you lean on processed food for your keto diet – that full-fat yogurt is not the same as a cheeseburger when it comes to effects on your heart!

  5. Keto Diets Weren’t Originally Intended For Weight Loss

    When people go on keto, it’s often because they hear it’s an excellent plan for long-term weight loss. It’s definitely one of the biggest benefits of a ketogenic diet, but did you know that this wasn’t its intended purpose?

    Keto diets were originally developed in the 1920s to combat epilepsy and other illnesses related to cognitive function or insulin regulation like diabetes and cancer. The weight loss was a happy and widely-reported side-benefit, which led to many more people adapting a keto diet.

Learn More About Keto And See The Benefits For Yourself!

These are just a few of the interesting things to learn about keto and its effects on your body. It’s changed a lot of people’s health for the better, mentally and physically! If this info has piqued your interest, gradually cut out carbs and start adapting to a keto plan – the results will astound you!

Ready to get started on your keto journey? Contact us and let us help you!

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