Best Drinks To Consume If You’Re On A Keto

Published: 1 year ago

Best Drinks To Consume If You’Re On A Keto

Have you been drinking mostly water only for fear that you could be breaking the principles of your keto diet?

There’s nothing wrong in sticking with water for its inherent health benefits. It’s still the most recommended beverage but let’s be honest: a water-only drink tends to get stale over time, without the taste.

Fortunately, the keto diet is not that at all restrictive when it comes to fluid consumption. Although, you would still have to mind the type you will be ingesting.

Here are the best beverages to drink if you’re on this amazing eating habit:

  1. Coffee

    A cup of joe is a mostly bitter drink and whose sweetness varies significantly to the amount of sugar put in it. While you may take it in all its bitterness, a teaspoon of sugar is not much to break even the most hardcore keto diet.

  2. Tea

    Unlike coffee, traditional tea can be consumed without adding anything to it. But this is what makes boiled tea leaves extract extra special as part of the ketogenic diet—there’s literally no sugar in it.

  3. Herbal tea

    As healthy as the tea is, we must admit that it, too, may not be a stray far from drinking plain water for the taste. But if you are looking for a kind of tea that has a bit of appealing palatability to it, there are herbal teas. Made using either herbs, fruit, dried flowers, or leaves, this particular concoction makes for an easy sip without the worry of getting too much carbohydrates.

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