Cheating On Keto: A Simple Guide To Doing It Right

Published: 5 months ago

Cheating On Keto: A Simple Guide To Doing It Right

Going on a ketogenic diet, aka keto, can be quite restrictive for newbies and old hands alike. It requires you to go on a meal plan that’s high in fat and protein, but low in carbs and sugar. That's an immediate no to your old faves like pasta, potatoes, and even high-sugar fruits! Still, there are many benefits to your health and your waistline - which is why so many people give keto a go!

But what if you want to indulge your craving for forbidden food? Is it possible to safely have a cheat day on keto? Read on to find out if cheating on your keto plan is worth it!

What Is A Cheat Day?

Simply put, a cheat day is when you go off your keto regimen and eat foods that don’t follow the prescribed macro count. So all those carbs and sweet treats that you couldn’t eat before, you decide to indulge in on a cheat day.

Can You Have A Cheat Day On Keto?

Yes, you can. However, you need to remember that going off ketosis (the state that your body enters when you cut carbs and sugar out) can take several days to recover from. Your body will take a while to switch back to burning protein and fat, just as you did when you were strictly following keto.

These consequences, however, don’t mean that you can’t have cheat days. The key to any diet is sticking to it long-term, so if having an occasional treat on a cheat day will help you do that, no worries. What you need to do is limit how much you consume on those days, and how long that cheat period will be so you can get back on track.

Tips For Planning A Smart Keto Cheat Day

So you’re having a hard time focusing on things because the temptation is too strong. Perhaps it’s time to have a much-deserved cheat day so you can enjoy, then go back to ketosis. Follow these simple suggestions so you can manage the impact of a cheat day on your diet!

  • Keep the cheat period short. If you can keep it to a day, or one meal, even better. The longer your cheat period is, the longer it will take for you to get your body back into ketosis.
  • Choose small, defined portions for your cheat treats. It’s easier to manage a cheat day when you have a definite count of how many non-keto items you are allowed to consume. Saying “I’m going to have cookies” gives you wiggle room to eat too many on impulse. Saying “I’m going to have three cookies today” is defined and easier to monitor.
  • Cheat when it counts. Plan your cheat day for special moments when you know there’s a non-keto favorite food you miss, like lasagna or mashed potatoes. Don’t give up ketosis for an impulsive handful of pretzels that you didn’t even really feel that strongly about eating!

We highly do not recommend cheating on a keto diet considering the repercussions but in case you are tempted to do so, be sure to do it right to minimize risks and get back on track safely.

A proper calculated keto meal plan will also be imperative for a safe and effective keto journey.

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