Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss

Published: 1 year ago

Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss

Food quality plays a major role in losing weight and maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Maintaining active physical exercises and staying in a calorie deficit also help but knowing the right nutrients and food to consume will help drastically help your body functions and fuel your body with the right nutrients it needs to achieve your body goals fast and effectively.

Distinguishing what to eat and what not to eat especially when you’re on an intricate diet such as keto, can be daunting. So here are some of the foods you need to avoid to lose weight and be physically strong and healthy.

  1. Fast Food

    Sure, it’s quick, yummy and affordable, but high-calorie fast food mostly contains low-quality ingredients that are overall bad for your health. It doesn’t nourish your body and it contains sodium and artificial ingredients that will increase your cholesterol substantially.

  2. Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

    Sugar can be habit-forming and we all know that excess sugar is blatantly bad for our health and it most-likely goes straight towards our fat storage if the energy is not burned immediately. This includes artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and other sweeteners that have been noted harmful for our health after some studies.

  3. Soda and/or Sweetened Beverages

    Random fact: a can of soda can contain about 138 calories!

    Beverages like soda and energy drinks are doused with sugars and preservatives and these liquid calories can lead to cravings for more high-sugar and high-sodium foods which leads to a slow metabolic rate and ultimately, weight gain. Be sure to cut out soda and sweetened beverages from your diet and simply replace it with water intake instead for a MUCH healthier option.

  4. Low-Fat Foods

    Remember, low-fat almost always means high-carb which means high sugar content. Avoid foods with a “low-fat” label on their packages because when manufacturers reduce fat, they also tend to increase sugar content in the food for a better taste. Be mindful of the food you take, whether it’s ice-cream, cookies, cream cheese, milk, or any other food that should naturally contain fat; and avoid it if it looks like the macronutrients have been altered.

  5. Processed Carbs

    White bread, white rice, cookies, pasta, pastries and other processed carbs are usually stripped of their nutrients and fibre for easy consumption.

  6. Junk Food

    Chips, fries and other junk foods are high in calories and may also contain added fats, salts, sugar and artificial preservatives to taste good.

For a healthier option, have a piece of whole fruit instead of sugary foods to satisfy your cravings for sweets. You can also use healthy sweeter spices such as ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, or even plant extracts for a sweet taste. Be sure to also stay off foods with preservatives and opt for buying fresh foods instead.

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