How Keto Hub Prepares Your Meals

Published: 2 years ago

Meal preparation is not an easy task - especially if you have your eye on your weight and you're craving at the same time! This is why we at Keto Hub give you the option to leave the meal planning and preparation to us so you can focus entirely on your new lifestyle and make way for a fit and healthier you.

At Keto Hub, each meal plan is prepared uniquely according to our clients' needs. Here are the steps that we take to make sure that we provide an effective and hassle-free experience.

Step 1: We analyze your body needs.

Upon purchasing a meal plan, we ask our clients to fill up a form that will indicate their current weight status and their weight goals. This form will help us picture our clients' individual needs and prepare the most suitable meal plan for them.

Step 2: The Planning Process

Through the client form, our Keto Lifestyle Coach Jessy Salameh plans the best-tasting keto meals that are tailored and calculated according to our clients' needs. She sets the ideal amount of macros to ensure that our clients can achieve their weight goals safely and effectively.

She also offers an individual consultation to our clients should they need proper guidance and complete information for a seamless keto journey. Click here to book a consultation.

Step 3: Preparation

After our Keto Lifestyle Coach sets the right amount of macros for our clients, our restaurant partner Dolci & Capricci meticulously cooks the meals into perfection, and packages them properly before reaching our clients.

As of today, we offer 180+ meals in our menu which guarantees our clients that they will try a unique meal every time, unlike other meal plan businesses in the region.

Click here to view our sample menu.

Step 4: Packaging and Delivery

Each Keto Hub meal is then packed and prepared safely in our delivery bags that are durable and equipped to keep the meals clean and fresh upon delivery.

Our clients will receive a notification when their meals are about to be delivered so they can just wait for the meals to be dropped right at their doorstep.

1...2...3...4... Voila! These are 4 steps that will bring you ahead of your keto game!

We understand the time-consuming process of meal planning and preparation so we're here to help you through your journey.

Need further assistance? Contact us and our team will be happy to assist you!

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