Keto Holiday Gifting: Presents To Share This Christmas

Published: 8 months ago

Keto Holiday Gifting: Presents To Share This Christmas

The holidays are a time of sending and receiving many incredible treats. Just think of all the festive gingerbread men and homemade brownies that people give or keep around the house as a snack for guests! However, many of these treats or stocking stuffers aren’t keto-friendly.

Keto diets require you to stick to foods that are low in carbs and sugar, but high in fat and protein. If you’re looking for keto-friendly treats and gifts to give to other people (or yourself) this Christmas, check out these simple suggestions!

Personalized Keto Meal Plan

What’s better to give a person going on keto than a personalized meal plan to help them stay on track even during the festive season, right?

Meal plan providers such as Ketohub offer keto meals that can tie-in with your friend’s weight goals.

You can start with a week-worth of keto meal plans for the holidays, or a special dessert will surely make the best gift for anyone under keto.

Check out our available meal plans here.

Keto-Friendly Cookbooks

One of the biggest struggles that foodies experience on the keto diet is finding the right substitutes for their favorite meals. Give your friend a helping hand this holiday season by finding an easy-to-read recipe book for delightful keto dishes and snacks! Pick one with a good macro breakdown - it’ll take the guesswork out of meal prep!

Personal Blender

Simplify your friends’ kitchen work with a good, high-powered blender. These are really handy for making keto-friendly soups and nut butters.

This is also great for those with a sweet tooth, because instead of opting for high-sugar, ready juices, your buddies can now make ketogenic yogurt smoothies with berries. This can help them enjoy a sweet treat in the morning that’s packed with vitamins and won’t break ketosis!

Air Fryer

An air fryer is the ultimate kitchen hack for getting food items nice and crispy without battering them and frying them in lots of oil. They’re easy to use, a snap to clean, and can get crunchy food ready in mere minutes. This is an incredible gift to give to your keto buddies – or to yourself!

Sugar-Free Chocolate

Looking for a yummy stocking stuffer for your keto-eating friend? Sugar-free, low-carb chocolate is the way to go. Pick a high-quality bar or box with a good cacao percentage. It’s a tasty snack or dessert that they can always reach for to kill their sugar cravings!

Keto Cookies And Cereal

Speaking of delicious goodies for festive gifts, you can’t go wrong with keto-friendly cookies or cereal from a reputable company. These will make for easy snacking on the go. There are many options made by companies without any added sugar or fillers, and the clear macro counts will help too!

Not sure if your option is keto? Pick options that specify on the packaging that they are keto treats. This leaves no room for doubt so you can wrap these up with no worries!

Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker helps you make a delicious meal even when you don’t have a lot of time, so you can avoid the pitfalls of sugar and carb-heavy takeout. It’s a great present for making restaurant-worthy meals, while saving time and space in the kitchen!

Leakproof Lunch Boxes and Condiment Containers

Keto dieters frequently have to pack their own meals and condiments. Without the right packaging and prep, you could end up with a soggy meal! Help your friends keep salads crisp and dressings secure with a cute, leakproof lunchbox and little condiment containers that fit right in.

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