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Safe Exercises For Keto

Do you still need to exercise while on keto? The short answer is yes.

Maximize the benefits of this healthy lifestyle by being active. Exercising plays a vital role not only in a ketogenic way of living but in your optimal health in general. Maintaining an active routine helps improve cardiovascular health, strengthen your bones, boost your mental health and build lean body mass.

This may leave you wondering, what kind of exercises can you do while on a keto diet?

In most cases, low intensity, steady state forms of exercise suits a ketogenic lifestyle better than high intensity exercise.

With this, here are a couple of doable physical activities you can follow to burn fat faster, build muscle, and simply get into great shape. 😉

  1. Walk

    We are all guilty of overlooking walking, but this activity is one of the best ways to lose weight. Walking for at least 15-20 minutes strengthens your joints and improves your mobility. What’s best is that it doesn’t require any equipment and can burn about 400-500 calories per hour, depending on your body weight! Awesome right? Keep moving!

  2. Yoga

    Exercise and relieve stress at the same time by doing yoga! This activity comes with many benefits including increased flexibility, improved psychological well being, and can help burn 300 calories per hour*.

  3. Swimming

    Did you know that swimming burns a lot of calories despite being a low-impact exercise? It can help burn between 300-1200 calories per hour depending on your weight, speed and swimming style and is good for weight loss, endurance and muscle growth.

  4. Lift Weights/Train Resistance

    Aiming for long-term fat loss? Then resistance training is perfect for you.

    Even though weight lifting doesn’t burn much calories, it still helps build muscle and increase your resting metabolic rate. Building lean muscle mass speeds your metabolism and helps you reach your weight goals faster and more effectively. Start with simple weights, contact a local gym or seek advice from a fitness coach to know which weights you can start with.

  5. Cycle

    Instead of jogging or sprinting (although those are effective too), try cycling as your staple cardio workout. Ride a bike or use a stationary bike (if you have) as steady, moderate cycling burns between 500-700 calories per hour, depending on your body weight.

Start small and build your work-out routine from there; and remember to always listen to your body. The first few weeks of transition in your body can be tough so be mindful of your physical activities and simply reduce the intensity of your workouts if you feel like you need to.

Combine our calculated meal plans with a regular workout regime and be sure to see fast and effective weight loss and healthy body changes.

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