Starting A Keto Diet: 5 Easy Steps For Beginners

Published: 1 year ago

Starting A Keto Diet: 5 Easy Steps For Beginners

Going keto has become increasingly popular as a way to lose weight effectively. By cutting out carbs and relying on fat and protein, the keto diet induces ketosis in the body. Ketosis turns fats into ketones – this will then become your main source of energy. Ketones are said to be a better source of energy than the glucose in carbs, helping you feel energized without hunger pangs or mood swings!

It may seem intimidating to a beginner to make such a big switch in their diet, but fear not! We have five simple tips that you can try to begin your keto journey. Try these out and see what a difference they’ll make!

  1. Find Out Your Daily Calorie Goals

    The first thing you need to do to build your keto strategy is to know how many calories you need every day. Check online calculators and put in your height, weight, age, and gender. Based on this information, they will tell you how many calories you need to lose, gain, or maintain your weight.

    Hot tip: look for one that also takes your daily activity level into consideration, as less active people will need to make a bigger cut in their calorie consumption.

  2. Design A Healthy Keto Plan

    Most people need to follow this macro breakdown when they plan their keto diet:

    • 70% of calories from fat
    • 25% of calories from protein
    • 5% of calories from carbs

    You need to check the values of these three macros in all the items of food that you eat. Many apps or websites will show you these for many popular food items. Make sure that you follow this balance (or simply sign up for a meal plan from Ketohub to avoid all the stress and let the experts plan your diet for you).

  3. Prepare Tasty Carb Substitutes

    The biggest struggle that people have with going keto is finding alternatives to their favorite carbs like rice and pasta. Fortunately, there are many low-carb veggies that you can enjoy with protein and fat-rich meals to stay on track! Here are some suggested carb alternatives:

    • Cauliflower rice
    • Lettuce wraps
    • Grilled portobello mushrooms

    Veggies are a delicious, nutrient-dense substitute. Just make sure you choose low-carb ones when you plan your meals!

  4. Track Your Diet Results

    The trick to keeping the weight off on a keto diet is to stay motivated, and acknowledging the changes to your mind and body is a way to do that. Apart from logging any weight loss, note your daily moods and energy levels throughout the day. Seeing the difference that going keto makes will make it easier to stay determined!

  5. Tell Your Friends And Family

    When going keto, your meals will look much different from everyone else’s on the table. Keep your loved ones informed about your dietary restrictions so they don’t feel hurt when you turn down your mom’s spaghetti. It also helps when you need to eat out, so they can take your keto requirements into account when they pick a restaurant!

A keto lifestyle can make significant changes to your health and wellbeing, but some people find the process intimidating. Make it easier on yourself by sticking to these basic steps, and you’ll see what your hard work can do to your body!

Ready to start your keto journey? Contact us for more info or sign up for your meal plan for an easy and effective transition.

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