The 5 Best Ketogenic Diet Apps

Published: 1 year ago

The 5 Best Ketogenic Diet Apps

Many people swear by the ketogenic diet – simply known as keto – for weight loss that won’t make them feel deprived during meals. The premise is simple: cut carbs and get the bulk of your daily energy from protein and fat. This is to send your body into ketosis, a state wherein it converts fat into compounds called ketones and uses them instead as the main source of energy.

The true challenge in keto is to keep track of the balance of fat, protein, and carbs in your diet. Luckily, there are now plenty of apps that can help the determined keto dieter meet their daily goals. Here are our top 5 ketogenic diet apps, based on their reliability, ease of use, and content!

  1. Carb Manager – Most Comprehensive Keto App

    Carb Manager is one of the most popular keto diet apps for a reason! It helps you track the basic metrics of a keto diet: total carbs, net carbs, and fat. But it also allows you to monitor other factors like your insulin and blood glucose level, helping you maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. Its food database may not be the most extensive, but it still has over a million items that you can log.

  2. Senza - Best For Beginners

    A solid keto diet app for beginners, Senza’s introductory “5 Days to Keto” program is a great way to ease into the lifestyle and make gradual changes. It guides you from your current diet and sees where you can gradually adjust to keto metrics without feeling deprived or miserable. Apart from tracking carbs and net carbs, you can also track other keto metrics like glucose and ketones.

  3. Total Keto Diet - Best For Keto Foodies

    If you’re a whiz in the kitchen, Total Keto Diet is the app for you. It has a vast recipe library with thousands of keto-friendly recipes, and it has a shopping list feature that helps you add ingredients from their recipes – or even your own creations. Just be patient with the functionality: some users report that its barcode tracker sometimes makes mistakes and its food database is smaller compared to other apps.

  4. 8Fit - Top Choice For Fitness Fanatics

    Ideal for those who integrate fitness and nutrition in their keto journey, 8Fit is an all-in-one app that helps you plan healthier meals and efficient workouts. Their exercise suggestions don’t need equipment, and they have plenty of educational content about staying fit and healthy. One drawback though, is that not all their recipes are keto – so keep a sharp eye if you use this app!

  5. KetoDiet - Great For Social Dieters

    Some dieters find it easier to stay on track if they have buddies helping them out – or a little friendly competition to motivate them! If that sounds good to you, KetoDiet is your app of choice. Apart from the crucial carb, net carb, and macro tracking, the app also offers KetoDiet challenges and a Facebook support group. This can go a long way in keeping you motivated!

These five apps all have their respective strengths and can help you seamlessly integrate a keto diet into your lifestyle. Download them and see which one suits your dieting style best – they just might be the key to your journey to wellness!

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