The Health Benefits Of Keto Aside From Weight-Loss

Published: 2 years ago

The Health Benefits Of Keto Aside From Weight-Loss

Did you know that keto is originally studied and implemented to treat epilepsy and reduce seizures?

As a high fat low-carb diet, keto has given promising results and has proven to benefit several health conditions on top of helping your body to lose weight, maintain an ideal physique, and eventually improve your quality of life in many ways.

In fact, here are several medical conditions that may benefit from a ketogenic diet:


As mentioned previously, keto was originally introduced as a treatment for chronic seizures in epilepsy and other epileptic disorders in the 1920s.

As it served strong neuroprotective effects to the patients, 50% of them, especially children, show improvement in seizures after following a ketogenic diet.

Metabolic Syndrome

Also known as prediabetes, metabolic syndrome is a condition characterized by insulin resistance. Patients with metabolic syndrome are at risk of heart disease, diabetes and other disorders.

Upon following a keto diet, studies show that patients can improve features of metabolic syndrome and show improvements in reducing blood sugar and maintaining better cholesterol values.


Patients of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes show impressive reductions in blood sugar levels and improving blood glucose control when they go on a ketogenic diet, research says.

Since insulin is either absent or doesn’t work properly in a diabetic patient, following a keto diet can treat the imbalance when blood glucose spikes and the body’s inability to use carbohydrates effectively which causes high sugar-level in the blood.


Since epilepsy is common for people with autism, research suggests that keto diet can reduce seizures and improve the behavior of those who are in the autism spectrum.

Due to the high fat, low carb content of keto, it can improve mitochondrial function in patients thus improving their behavioral symptoms.

Parkinson’s disease

Similar to epilepsy, other neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease may benefit from a ketogenic diet.

After conducting several clinical studies, the ketogenic diet proved to have a positive effect in neuro-protection, anti-oxidation and has improved energy production among patients.

When done properly, keto can significantly improve your mental and physical health, and eventually your quality of life. However, we would like to address that even after several studies on the matter, we still have unique dietary needs which is why it is imperative to seek consultation from a nutritionist, dietician or any local provider to ensure what type of ketogenic diet can benefit you the most.

Luckily, our keto life coach Jessy Salameh is ready to assist you in any of your queries and to help you customize an effective keto diet plan for you.

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Disclaimer: This article was created for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat or diagnose any medical condition.

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