Jessy Selameh
Jessy Selameh
Diet and Nutritional Advisor
Certified Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach

I am very passionate about nutrition and healthy living. 5 years ago, I started to question everything that I have learned about food, nutrition, and the impact it has on our lives. After researching, studying and experimenting, I discovered the wonders of a Ketogenic lifestyle, the amazing benefits as the best way to burn fat, improve level of energy, increase mental clarity, prevent diseases and live a healthier lifestyle! 

I focus on real, clean, wholesome food, with Healthy fat!  I do not recommend any processed, artificial, low fat, sugary food.

I have put on hold a successful 20-year corporate career in the financial markets, and I am now pursuing a path to help others become the healthiest version of themselves.

Your nutritional journey matters to me, and I would love to be part of your success story.

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